• To combine business with pleasure, receiving plenty of knowledge in conjunction with never-to-be-forgotten moments and emotions
  • To travel in a circle of people that are on the same wavelength
  • To make friends from a wide variety of inconceivable countries, getting acquainted with foreign mentalities
  • To get the opportunity of practicing not just English but also dozens of other prominent languages, perceiving the identity of their cultures
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Academic BEST Course is one of the crucial annual events for every LBG. The main aim is to ensure foreign students of technology with extra education by the aid of lecture classes and engrossing trainings, visiting industrial enterprises and Research Centers, students’ involvement in cracking actual analytical problems.

During the Season Course (7-14 days) its participants are capable to pick up their soft and hard skills, to get useful knowledge, to improve not merely in technical field but also learn the basis and secrets of marketing and management. At the end of the course they have to pass the final exam and earn a successfully completed certificate together with kilograms of knowledges and happiness.

In the spare time students are getting swept away in a novel world of the host country – make visits to the both incredibly fascinating and super cool places, take part in awesome events, get acquainted with every inch of the city and meet loads of people, with whom they share such a hearth atmosphere of the remarkable BEST Courses days.


Is that you dream?