Internship of the future is event aimed at helping 3 and 4 years students (or younger) to get an internship in a large company, and companies to find competent personnel among students. 

The event takes place in 3 stages​​​​​​​


At this stage we identify those students who are the most competent in the areas provided by the company. The questionnaire has questions not only for identifying a person (name, surname, course, etc.), but also questions that are related to the profession that the student wants to get. 


This is the full-time stage in which students are divided into teams and solve any economic or any other task provided by the company. According to the results of the performance and work, the company chooses the best, which go to the next stage. 


It is held among those who successfully passed the previous stages. Employees of the company ask different questions and as a result, they determine who they want to see in their company. 


Thus, we help the best students of Ural Federal University to get the job they want and which they deserve.